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Coventry Sphinx FC Junior Section
Developing Children Through Football Excellence


Club Roles and Responsibilities


1. Chairperson

To ensure that the Club’s Constitution is maintained in accordance with the Football Association.  He/she chairs the monthly meetings with an agenda, and setting action points with deadlines.  The agenda will be issued a week in advance when all Committee members have added what they feel is important.

2. Club Secretary

To ensure that all administration is communicated to all those concerned and take the appropriate action.  The attendance to all League meetings is required to be updated of any requirements deemed necessary.

3. Finance Officer

To ensure that all finances are accounted for and must be maintained in such fashion that they can be made available as and when required.  He/she has the final say on expenditure.

4. Parents Representative

No role defined

5. Coaches Representative

No role defined

6. Managers Representative

No role defined

7. Fixture Secretary

To ensure that all Managers and Assistants are communicated in regard to fixtures and pitches and take any actions deemed necessary.

8. Events/Social Officer

To ensure that any function/event is carried out with the safety of children in mind. To ensure that the Finance Officer is fully aware of all monies generated so that he/she has a full account of the Club’s finances.

9. Child Protection Officer

To ensure that the Child Protection Policy, laid down by the Football Association, is maintained and carried out. He/she will also attend any workshops deemed necessary and report back and action any changes.

10. Development Officer

No role defined


Head Coaches

To ensure that all coaching policies and procedures are carried out by his staff.  He/she needs to have a close working relationship with the Team Managers to identify any training needs to ensure that players achieve the required standard.

Managers and Assistants

To ensure that all players play football in the spirit laid down by the Football Association.  Fair play must play an important role at all times.  Good communication is vital to all parties involved.  Must lead by example and always praise and encourage, be positive.  All monies collected must be returned to the Finance Officer on a monthly basis using the correct payment paperwork.  All Coventry Sphinx FC equipment issued to them are the responsibility of the Manager and his/her Assistant.  Replacements will be made using the old for new system.  If items are mislaid then it is the responsibility of the Manager to replace and not the Clubs. All purchases must have the agreement first from the Finance Officer.


Representing the Club they must adhere to the Clubs Constitution at all times. They are required to maintain all the equipment issued to then. They must arrive on time for training nights, match days and any workshops. If they have any concerns they must speak to any member of the staff they feel comfortable with. They must show commitment and the will to learn.

Team Representatives

To ensure any problems/concerns are communicated to the Committee in the correct fashion and fed back to their teams. To ensure all notices, letters etc are handed out and any action is carried out. Team Reps do not have the authority to purchase items for their teams on behalf of the Club.  Refunds will not happen.

Parents / Guardians

It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure they encourage and praise All Players.  They must not interfere with Managers and Coaching staff while they are instructing the players.  They must approach the Managers if they would like to help in anyway