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Club Constitution

Hierarchy of Rules

The Club is governed by the rules of our principal Governing Body, the Football Association, those of the Birmingham County FA, the Coventry Minor League and those of the Coventry Sphinx FC constitution.

The associated documents detailed in the Associated Documents Index form part of the Coventry Sphinx Football Club Constitution. Any proposals to change those associated documents detailed below are subject to the same rules and procedures as the main body of the text.


The Coventry Sphinx Football Club exists for the purpose of providing the organisation, support and infrastructure to enable young people to participate in and enjoy the sport of association football.

It is the stated aim of Coventry Sphinx Football Club to develop our young people as footballers, team players and individuals, through sport to be confident and responsible members of society.

The Club will also abide by The Football Association’s Child Protection Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct and the Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Policy.


The Club shall be managed by the General Committee which shall be constituted of a minimum of six (6) members as follows:

1.-        Chairperson

2.-        Club Secretary

3.-        Finance Officer

4.-        Parent's Representative

5.-        Coach's Representative

6.-        Manager's Representative

7.-        Fixtures Secretary

8.-        Events / Social Officer

9.-        Child Protection Officer

10.-      Development Officer

Each member of the Committee shall serve a period limited to Three (3) years. Should the retiring member wish to serve a further term limited to Three (3) years they must stand for re-election.

It is not permitted for a Committee member to remain on the Committee for more than Three (3) years without re-election.

Each officer will stand for election in rotation; First Treasurer, second Club Secretary and Fixtures Secretary, and third Chairperson.

It is not permitted for a vacancy on the Committee to be used in lieu of the resignation & re-election of a Committee member.

The General Committee shall have power to declare a seat vacant should a member absent him/herself from three (3) consecutive meetings without an explanation deemed to be satisfactory.

There shall be no less than ten (10) committee meetings held each year. Each Committee meeting shall be on an agreed date, with at least seven (7) days notice.

In the event of a pre-scheduled date being missed or not arranged the Club Secretary shall arrange a date agreeable to the majority of Committee members.

A committee meeting shall have a quorum of at least 4 members, which must include both the Chairman and the Club Secretary.

Acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting shall be the first item on the Committee meeting. Any requested amendments or disagreements with the minutes of a previous meeting must be recorded by the Chairman on the minutes of the current Committee meeting.


All issues of policy and strategy shall be put to a vote of each attending General Committee Member

Each General Committee Member shall have one vote, except the Chairperson who, in case of deadlock, will have a casting vote.


The property and/or assets of the Club shall be vested in the General Committee.

The General Committee shall have powers to appoint such sub-committees as may from time to time be deemed necessary and shall receive reports of such sub-committees at its meetings.

The General Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel any member deemed guilty of conduct prejudicial to the good name of the Club. The General Committee shall have the power to fill such vacancies as may arise in its constitution between Annual General Meetings.

The General Committee shall also have the responsibility to draw up a list of candidates necessary for meeting the requirements of the Disciplinary Panel.


Membership, subject to the payment of a fee to be decided by the Committee, shall be granted to players and their parents/guardians/carers (max. two per player).

Non Voting members are all players registered and those who train on a weekly basis (minimum of 4 consecutive weeks) and are under 17 years of age.

Voting members can be parents/guardians/carers of players, coaches and any seconded members all over 18 years of age.

Membership fees shall apply on a player/family group basis and each player/family group shall be considered as a single member and shall have one (1) vote. The payment of additional membership fees shall not change or increase the membership or voting rights of any individual, player/family group or group of members.

Anyone applying to be a member must be proposed and seconded by two existing voting members at the Annual General Meeting.

A register of members of the Club shall be kept by the Club Secretary.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held no later than the last day of JUNE of each year. The Secretary shall give 21 clear days’ notice of such meeting to all members.

The Financial Statement and Club Secretary’s report shall be received by the Meeting that will also elect the Officers and General Committee by ballot, and transact any other business.

Registration and match fees will be announced at an appropriate level to cover all predicted costs for the forthcoming season at the Annual General Meeting.


An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the General Committee when deemed desirable and upon written request of thirty (30) members.

The Club Secretary shall give seven (7) clear days’ notice to all members of such meeting at which forty (40) non Committee members shall form a quorum.


The General Committee shall keep proper books of accounts that will be audited annually.

Official receipts for all monies received shall be signed by any one of the Officers.

The General Committee shall authorise cheques to be signed by at least two of The Chairperson, Club Secretary and/or another Committee member.


 If the Club shall at any stage cease to function - All assets - Kit’s monies, etc. shall be given to ********


No alteration in these Rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose and only if supported by the majority of those members present and eligible to vote at such a meeting.

Notice of proposed alteration to these Rules must be given in writing to the Club Secretary by the last day of  MAY of each year, and notified to members on notice of meeting.


Any matters not governed by the above Rules shall be dealt with by the General Committee, the decision of which shall be final and binding.


The Disciplinary Panel shall be responsible for appraisal and determination of all Serious Breach of Discipline charges, as defined in Disciplinary Procedure. Doc Ref:  AD019/1 Iss 1 referred by the Committee. 

The Disciplinary Panel shall consider the charge and advise the Committee in writing of their conclusion.

The Panel shall have the authority to call upon any Club member to give evidence either in writing or by personal attendance.

All such evidence shall remain confidential, and may only be accessed by members of either the Committee or the Panel for purposes directly related to Club policy.

The Disciplinary Panel shall be constituted as follows:


1.-        Chairperson

2.-        Parents Representative

3.-        Coaches Representative

4.-        Managers Representative

Plus one of the following:

1.-        Fixtures Secretary

2.-        Club Secretary

3.-        Finance Officer

The names of each of the Representatives shall be selected by a blind draw from the names held by the Committee as defined under Clause 5 of this document. The Committee may also at the same time draw a reserve for each should the first selected not be available.

Each team shall have a named parent who is willing to attend any scheduled meeting of the Disciplinary Committee.

A Disciplinary Panel meeting shall have a quorum of at least 4 members, which must include the Chairperson and at least two (2) of the Representatives.