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Code of Conduct

Coventry Sphinx FC - Code of Conduct

As a Club Member

As a member of Coventry Sphinx F.C. you are at all times a representative of the Sphinx club.

Your personal behaviour must conform to the standards expected of all Sphinx members and must not be detrimental to the reputation of the club.

All players shall observe the rules of the Sphinx club.

As a Player

Players’ should arrive at matches dressed in accordance with club rules, ensuring that their kit and boots are clean.

Foul and abusive language, on and off the pitch, is not acceptable.

Players must not argue with or dispute the decisions of the match officials.

Players must not abuse or use threatening behaviour towards opposing players

As a Squad Member

Attendance at training is compulsory for all players. Where it is not possible to attend a training session the player must contact the team manager before the training session takes place.

It is the responsibility of the player to practice and apply the skills, disciplines and tactics taught at the training sessions

Players should offer support and encouragement to all other team members

Bullying will not be tolerated and any occurrence must be reported to the team manager, coach or any club official.

The decision of the team manager is final.