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2011/12 - Under 9's

Team Officials                                                  

Role FA Coach Name Phone No.
Manager   Terry Ward 07725 950695
Asst Manager   Lee Whaley 07970 063668


Team Photo Team Sponsor
Luke Ward   Beckham Whaley 10 Jamie West 2
Kaleem Drummond 1 Shaylan Thakrar 3 Rajdev Singh Bansal 3
Jay Elliot   Tyrese Kalender 2 Jamie Draper 3

Fixtures / Results

Comp Ref Date Opposition H/A Scorers Result
League   11/9 Leamington Brakes A Thakrar 2, Whaley 2 L6-4
League   18/9 Dunlop Jnrs H   0-0
Lg Cup Rd1   25/9 Christ the King Jnrs H Whaley, Bales 2-2 lost on pens
League   2/10 Cov Copsewood A Whaley L3-1
League   9/10 Firefighters H Marsh, Whaley W2-1
League   16/10 Leamington Hibs H Marsh, Drummond 2-2
League   30/10 Coundon Court H Marsh L1-4
League   6/11 Leamington Brakes H Bales L1-2
League   13/11 Stratford Town Colts A Whaley L2-1
League   20/11 Christ the King H Marsh 2, Whaley, Bansal W4-1
League   27/11 Cov Jaguar A Bansal 1-1
League   4/12 Christ the King Jnrs A Whaley 1-1
League   11/12 Cov Jaguar Yth H   L0-3
League   8/1 Cov Copsewood H   L0-4
League   22/1 Firefighters A Draper L3-1
League   29/1 Leamington Hibs Jnrs A Bansal, Draper, Thakrar W0-3
League   19/2 Stratford Town H   L0-2
    26/2 Dunlop jnrs A Whaley, West W0-2
League   11/3 Coundon Court A Kalender 2 L3-2
Divisional cup   25/3 Cov Copsewood A Draper, Whaley L3-2
Divisional Cup   1/4 Christ the King H   L0-3