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2011/12 - Under 15's

Team Officials                                                  

Role FA Coach Name Phone No.
Manager FA Level 1 Coach Pete O'Brien 07967 885072


Team Photo Team Sponsor

07883 290058

Omer Luandou 5 Daniel Gibbons   Jack Hartopp  
Ben Ellis   Tom Smith 2 Christopher O'Brien 3
Ciaren Craven 1 Daniel Kavanagh 3 Tom Nightingale 4
Jamie Healy 10 Jake O'Sullivan   Tyler Worral 1
Jacob Dodds 3 Nigel Mkhwananzi 10    

Fixtures / Results

Comp Ref Date Opposition H/A Scorers Result
League B.Butler 11/9 Chapelfields Colts H Healy, Dodds W2-0
BNC Rd1   18/9 Rugby Town Jnrs H Bah L1-2
League   25/9 St Nicolas A   0-0
League B.Ahern 9/10 St Nicolas H   L0-1
League R.Lenton 16/10 Haunchwood A Smith L3-1
League P.Chislett 30/10 Finham Park Rangers H Kavanagh, Aldridge, Dodds, O'Brien, Healy W5-0
Lg Cup Rd2 D.Bryant 6/11 Santos Yth H Healy 2, Aldridge L3-4
League   13/11 Santos Yth A Aldridge 2, Dodds, O'Brien, Smith, Mkhwananzi W3-6
League   20/11 Caludon Yth A Dodds W0-1
League C.Dodds 27/11 Caludon Yth H   0-0
League   4/12 Weddington Thistle A Healy, Mkhwananzi W0-2
League B.Ahern 11/12 Athletic Utd H O'Brien, Craven W2-1
League   8/1 Rugby Town H Healy 1-1
League   22/1 Cov Jaguar A Mkhwananzi 1-1
League D.Bryant 29/1 Haunchwood H Mkhwananzi 2, Healy 2, Kavanagh, Nightingale, Luandou W7-1
League   19/2 Rugby Town Jnrs A Luandou, Nightingale W0-2
League M.Jarvis 26/2 Kenilworth Wardens H Healy 2, Luandou W3-0
League   4/3 Chapelfields Colts A Kavanagh L2-1
League A.Cassidy 11/3 Weddington H   0-0
League T.Bell 18/3 Santos Yth H Mkhwananzi 3, Worral, Nightingale, Luandou 2 W7-0
League   25/3 Athletic Utd A Mkhwananzi, Nightingale W0-2
League T.Ball 1/4 Cov Jaguar H   0-0
League   10/5 Finham Park Rangers A   L1-0
League   25/4 Kenilworth Wardens A Mkhwananzi W0-1