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2011/12 - Under 10's Blue

Team Officials                                                  

Role FA Coach Name Phone No.
Manager FA level 2 coach John Halford  07853 318714 
Asst Manager FA Level 1 Coach Steve John  07894 276943


Team Photo Team Sponsor
Jack Booth   Nathan Cooke-Wiggan   Jack Greatrex  
Harry Bowser   Morgan Ramsay 8 Savraj Kang 1
Finn Cook 10 Sean John 12 Conor Kavanagh 5
Owen Callendar   Ben Cardwell   Liam Willis 5
Kurtis Hall 2        

Fixtures / Results

Comp Ref Date Opposition H/A Scorers Result
League   11/9 Coventrians Colts A Willis L2-1
League   14/9 Christ the King Jnrs Blue H Ramsay 2, John 2, Cook W5-1
League   18/9 Christ the King Rovers A Ramsay, Kavanagh W1-2
Lg Cup Rd1   25/9 Massey Ferguson A   L9-0
League   2/10 Whitley Jnrs H John, Willis, Cook W3-0
League   16/10 Copsewood Blue A John, Cook 2-2
League   30/10 Mount Nod H John L1-3
League   6/11 Mount Nod A Kavanagh L4-1
League   13/11 Leamington Hibs H Cook 1-1
League   27/11 GNP Sports A Cook 2, John W1-3
League   4/12 Chapelfields Colts Crusaders H John 2 2-2
League   11/12 Christ the King Blue A Ramsay 2, Cook, Kavanagh W0-4
League   8/1 Christ the King Rovers H   L0-1
League   22/1 Cov Jaguar 2004 H Willis L1-2
League   29/1 Cov Copsewood Blue H Hall, Kang 2-2
League   19/2 Leamington Hibs A Ramsay 3, John, Willis W3-5
League   4/3 GNP Sports H Cook 2, Kavanagh, Willis, John, Hall W6-0
League   11/3 Chapelfields Colts A   L4-0
League   18/3 Coventrians H Cook, Kavanagh W2-0
League   25/3 Cov Jaguar 2004 A John 2 L5-2
League   29/4 Whitley Jnrs A