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2010/11 - Under 16's

Our under 16's are now members of the Midland Junior Premier Football league, click league logo for league website

Team Officials

Role FA Coach Name
Manager FA level 2 coach Wayne Whitehouse
Coach   Phil Shail
Coach FA level 2 coach Nigel Starkey
Coach Marcus Law
  B Licence    


Team Photo Team Sponsor
Allens Taxis
Rob Thomson 9 Jamie Newton   Connor Shail 1
Manny Hay 5 Andy Ferraro 5 Martin Stead (GK)  
Rhys Deehan 3 Kyran Johal   Bailey Bell  
Sam Faulconbridge 7 Daniel Cockerill 11 Billy Williams  
Daniel Whitehouse 1 Nic Evangelinos 6 Cameron Young 3
Luke Swinson 7 Harry Clare 1 Mbilia Eluku  

Fixtures / Results

Comp Ref Date Opposition H/A Scorers Result
League   11/9 Stourbridge A Cockerill, Swinson, Ferraro W1-3
League   18/9 Hinkley Utd H   L0-1
League   25/9 Bath City A Evangelinos, Swinson, Deehan, Hay W1-4
League   2/9 Hednesford H Evangelinos 2, Hay W3-1
League   9/10 Winterbourne H Cockerill, Thomson L2-7
League   16/10 Buckingham Town A Young, Cockerill W0-2
League   23/10 Newport County H Cockerill 1-1
League   6/11 Christ the King A Hay, Young, Ferraro W1-3
League 13/11 Bromsgrove Rovers B H Ferraro 1-1
League   11/12 Droitwich Spa H Thomson, Hay, Cockerill W3-1
Cup   8/1 Lye-Withymoor A Faulconbridge W0-1
League   15/1 Pheonix Utd A   0-0
League   22/1 Stourbridge H Shail, Faulconbridge, Ferraro, Swinson, O.G W5-0
League   5/2 Newport County A   0-0
League   10/2 Lye-Withymoor H   0-0
League   12/2 Hinkley UTD A Thomson, Evangelinos W1-2
Cup   5/3 Stratford Town H Cockerill 2, Swinson 2, Whitehouse W5-2
League   12/3 Bromsgrove Rovers A Thomson 2, Cockerill, Young, Deehan, Evangelinos W1-6
League   19/3 Winternourne A Thomson 1-1
Cup   26/3 Romulus H Thomson, Cockerill, Swinson, Faulconbridge W4-1
League   2/4 Bath City H Faulconbridge 2, Thomson, Deehan W4-2
League   9/4 Lye & Withymoor A   L1-0
League   14/4 Buckingham Town H Ferraro, Evangilinos, Faulconbridge W3-2
Cup SF   16/4 Aylestone Park H   0-0 W on pens
League   24/4 Droitwich A Thomson, Faulconbridge, Clare, Hay W1-4
League   7/5 Phoenix H   L0-4
Cup Final   14/5 Burton Albion     L2-0
League   21/5 Hednesford A Cockerill 2, Swinson W0-3