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2010/11 - Under 13's Blue

Team Officials                                                  

Role FA Coach Name
Manager FA Level 1 Coach Colin Layfield
Asst Manager FA Level 1 Coach Wayne Whitehouse


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108 Warwick Street
Leamington Spa
CV32 4QP
Tel: 01926 311208
email: delicatessen@aubreyallen.co.uk www.aubreyallen.co.uk


Teige Gardner   Billy Moore   George Baker 1
Ross Spence 2 Rahul Patel 1 Christy Murray 6
Tom Neenan 7 Rhys Quinn 3 Harry Whitehouse 1
Ellis Layfield 10 Jake Stanton 2 Joseph Burke 8
Lewis Proctor 2 Bradley Prota   Sam Brake 12
Lewis Rickhuss   Ben Roberts 1    

Fixtures / Results

Comp Ref Date Opposition H/A Scorers Result
League   5/9 Whitley A Quinn, Layfield W1-2
League   8/9 CRC H Layfield, Brake, Baker, Quinn, Neenan W5-2
League   12/9 Triumph A Layfield 3 L6-3
League   19/9 Hillmorton A Burke, Brake, Quinn 3-3
League J.Maguire 26/9 Christ the King H Layfield 2, Whitehouse W3-0
League   3/10 Cov Jag H   L3-0
Lg Cup Rd1   10/10 Sphinx Jnrs H Burke, Neenan, Brake L3-7
BNC Rd2   17/10 Sphinx Jnrs H   L0-8
League   31/10 Sphinx Jnrs A   L4-0
League   7/11 Weddington Thistle A Burke L6-1
League   14/11 Christ the King A   L4-0
League   21/11 Rugby Town Boys A Neenan, Brake, Murray L4-3
League P.Hart 12/12 Pinley H Brake 2, Quinn L3-5
League   9/1 CRC A Spence, Murray, Burke, Brake W1-4
League J.Bird 16/1 Rugby Town Boys H Burke L1-2
League J.Maguire 23/1 Brinklow H Murray, Patel, Neenan, Layfield W4-1
League M.Pine 30/1 Sphinx Jnrs H Brake L1-2
League P.Hart 6/2 Norton Lindsey H Neenan 2, Brake W3-2
League   13/2 Hillmorton H Stanton 2, Brake, Spence, Neenan W5-3
League   20/2 Chetwynd H   L0-3
League S.Boylan 6/3 Norton Lindsey A Layfield, Burke 2-2
League J.Bird 13/3 Weddington Thistle H Roberts L1-5
League   27/3 Pinley A Brake L2-1
League J.Bird 10/4 Massey Ferguson H Burke L1-2
League   17/4 Brinklow A Burke 2, Brake 2, Murray 2, Proctor W2-7
League   20/4 Triumph H   L0-9
League   5/5 Massey Ferguson A   L0-2
League   6/5 Cov Jaguar A Murray L1-3
League   8/5 Chetwynd A Proctor, Layfield W1-2