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2009/10 - Under 12's Blue

Team Officials                                                  

Role FA Coach Name
Manager FA Level 1 Coach Colin Layfield
Coach FA level 2 coach Wayne Whitehouse


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TEL: 02476 637000

MOB: 07970 45 47 45


Harvey Burke   Billy Moore   George Baker  
Ross Spence 7 Rahul Patel   Jordan Sumner  
Kane Thomas 9 Ashley Jassal   Harry Whitehouse 6
Ellis Layfield 5 Jake Stanton 3 Joseph Burke 7
Lewis Proctor 1 Bradley Prota   Sam Brake 6

Fixtures / Results

Comp Ref Date Opposition H/A Scorers Result
League   06/09 Brinklow A Brake 1-1
League   09/09 Christ the King A Brake, Spence L4-2
League J.Eaton 13/09 Weddington Thistle H   L0-3
BNC rd 2   20/09 Chetwynd Sharks A Whitehouse L5-1
League   27/09 Alvis A Whitehouse 2, Spence W2-3
League S.Kinsella 4/10 Chapelfields Colts H Thomas 1-1
League   11/10 Rugby Town A J.Burke L2-1
League   18/10 Community Relations H Thomas 2, J.Burke 3-3
Lg Cup Rd2   1/11 Alvis Juniors A J.Burke 2 W0-2
League   8/11 Coundon Athletic A Stanton, Brake W1-2
League   15/11 Massey Ferguson A Layfield L2-1
League   22/11 Cov Jaguar A Brake, Thomas L6-2
League   29/11 Brinklow H Spence, Proctor W2-0
League   13/12 Weddington Thistle A Spence L7-1
League   24/1 Chapelfields Colts A   L11-0
League J.Clarke 7/2 Chetwynd H   L0-3
League J.Clarke 28/2 Coundon Athletic H   L0-2
Lg Cup Rd3 J.Tiff 7/3 Gurdwara GNP Minor A J.Burke, Thomas, Whitehouse, Spence W1-4
League B.Ahern 14/3 Sphinx Jnrs H   L0-2
League   14/3 Sphinx Jnrs A   L2-0
League   21/3 Hillmorton A   L4-0
League   21/3 Hillmorton H   L0-5
Lg Cup QF T.Ball 28/3 Wallace H J.Burke, Spence, Brake W3-1
League   14/4 MW Christ the King H Brake, Thomas L2-6
Lg Cup SF B.Perkins 18/4 Brinklow H Layfield L1-2
League R.McKernan 21/4 Massey Ferguson H   L0-3
League   25/4 Community Relations Colts A Thomas 2, Spence W1-3
League   28/4 MW Cov Jaguar A Whitehouse, Thomas, Stanton L5-3
League   9/5 Chetwynd A   L4-0
League   14/5 Alvis H Layfield 3, Whitehouse W4-1
League J.Clarke 16/5 Rugby Town H J.Burke, Stanton 2-2