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2009/10 - Under 10's

Team Officials                                                  

Role FA Coach Name
Manager FA Level 1 Coach Albert Wale
Asst Manager FA Level 1 Coach Rich Moore
Coach FA Level 1 Coach Steve Cranage


Team Photo Team Sponsor
Ewan Price   Toby Sadler 5 James Welch 13
Ryan Cranage 2 Jack Moore   Reece Johnson 20
Toby Curran 3 Alfie Sheridan 11 George Worrall  
Scott Davis   Luke Wale 1    

Fixtures / Results

Comp Ref Date Opposition H/A Scorers Result
League   06/09 Cov Copsewood H Wale L1-3
League   13/09 Whitley Jnrs H Sadler 2, Welch 2, Johnson, Cranage W6-3
League   27/09 Southam Utd H Sheridan 2, Curran W3-2
League   4/10 Mount Nod A   L4-0
League   11/10 Pro Santos A Welch, Curran, Johnson 3, 5-5
League   18/10 Christ the King H Welch W2-1
Lg cup Rd2   01/11 Christ the King Blue A Welch 3, Johnson 3, Sheridan, Curran W1-8
League   8/11 Coundon Court A   L1-0
League   15/11 Stratford Town Colts H Johnson 2, Sheriden, Sadler L5-7
League   22/11 Cov Jaguar H Johnson L1-3
League   13/12 Weddington Thistle H Johnson 1-1
League   31/1 Leamington Hibs A Sheridan 2 W1-2
League   7/2 Coundon Court H Johnson 1-1
League   14/2 Southam A   L1-0
Lg cup rd3   7/3 Southam H Johnson L1-2
League   14/3 Leamington Hibs H Sadler L1-5
League   21/3 Pro Santos H Welch 2, Sheridan, Johnson W4-2
League   28/3 Cov Copeswood A Johnson 3, Sheridan, Sadler W1-5
League   31/3 MW Whitley Jnrs A Johnson, Cranage, Shridan L4-3
League   7/4 MW Christ the King A Johnson, Welch 2-2
League   11/4 Weddington A Sheridan, Johnson W0-2
League   13/4 Cov Jaguar A Welch 2, Sheridan W2-3
League   28/4 MW Mount Nod H   L0-2
League   16/5 Stratford A   0-0