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2008/09 - Under 16's

Team Officials

Role FA Coach Name
Manager FA level 2 coach Nigel Starkey
Parent Helper   Steve Reeves


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Adam Bilic 11 Daniel Fraser 4 Adam Robertson 16
Thomas Bryce (GK)   Jake Holt 12 George Shilton 1
Joe Cadden 23 Chris O'Shea 11 Bradley Taylor 13
Sean Martin 1 Paolo Razza 3 Connor Taylor 34
Steven O'Sullivan   Tom Reeves 3 Jacob Palmer 3

Fixtures / Results

Comp/Ref Date Opposition H/A Scorers Result
League 14/09/08 St Peters Celtic A Robertson, Fraser, C.Taylor, B.Taylor W3-4
BNC 21/10/08 Leamington Khalsa A B.Taylor, Robertson, Cadden W0-3
League 28/9/08 Longford Park Rangers A Cadden 2, Reeves 2, C.Taylor, Holt W1-6
League 5/10/08 Copsewood Colts H Robertson, Holt 2-2
League 12/10/08 Kalsa H B.Taylor 2, C.Taylor, Cadden W4-0
League 19/10/08 Finham Park Rangers H Cadden, Bilic 2-2
League 2/10/08 Dunlop A C.Taylor 2, Holt W3-1
League 9/10/08 No game      
Birm' Minor cup 16/10/08 Coundon Cockerals H C.Taylor, B.Taylor, Bilic, Robertson, Caddon W5-1
League 23/10/08 No game      
Lg cup rd2 30/10/08 Leamington Khalsa H C.Taylor 2, B.Taylor, Fraser W4-1
League/ D.Bryant 7/12/08 St Peters Celtic H Bilic 3, Robertson 2, Cadden, Martin W7-0
League/ D.McCarthy 14/12/08 No game      
Birm' minor cup 21/12/08 Finham A C.Taylor 3, Robertson, Razza, Holt, Bilic W2-7
Birm' minor Cup 11/1/09 Rugby Town H C.Taylor 3, B.Taylor, Razza, O'Shea, Holt, Cadden, Bilic W9-0
BNC Semi Final 18/1/09 Coundon Cockerals H C.Taylor 3, B.Taylor, Holt W5-0
Lg Cup Rd3 28/1/09 Finham Lions A O'Shea 2, Frazer, Robertson, C.Taylor, B.Taylor, Cadden W0-7
League 1/2/09 Chapelfields Colts A C.Taylor 2, B.Taylor 2 W1-4
League 11/2/09 Chapelfields Colts H C.Taylor 2, Cadden, Robertson, Bilic W5-1
Birm' minor Cup 22/2/09 Rugby town H C.Taylor 3, Cadden W4-0
Lg cup QF Y.Moore 1/3/09 Whitley Jnrs H C.Taylor, B.Taylor W2-1
Birm' minor Cup QF 8/3/09 CCC Boys H Robertson 3, Palmer 2, O'Shea, Holt, C.Taylor, Cadden W9-3
BNC Final 15/3/09 Nuneaton   O'Shea, Holt L3-2
League P.Bryant 22/3/09 Nuneaton H Cadden 3, O'Shea W4-0
League P.Sharp 29/3/09 Rugby Town H Cadden 2, Holt W3-1
League Y.Moore 5/4/09 Alveston H C.Taylor, Razza, Cadden, Shilton W4-1
League 8/4/09 MW Coundon Cockerals H Cadden 2, O'Shea 2, C.Taylor 2, Robertson W7-1
League 16/4/09 MW Copeswood Colts A Bilic, Fraser W1-2
Birm' Minor Cup SF 19/4/09 Nuneaton Community A O'Shea 2, C.Taylor W3-0
Lg cup SF 22/4/09 MW Coundon Cockerals H Robertson, Reeves W2-1
League D.McCarthy 26/4/09 Khalsa H C.Taylor 3, O'Shea, Palmer, Holt W6-1
League 3/5/09 Rugby Town A   0-0
League 10/5/09 Alveston Jnrs A Cadden 3, Robertson W0-4
Birm' Minor Cup Final 10/5/09 Shenley Radford   Robertson W1-0
League cup final 13/5/09 Nuneaton Town Comm     L3-0
League 15/5/09 Coundon Cockerals A Holt, Bilic W1-2
League 17/5/09 Nuneaton Town Comm A B.Taylor, Holt, Bilic W1-3