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2008/09 - Under 14's

Team Officials

Role FA Coach Name
Manager FA Level 1 Coach Jez Tiff
Asst Manager FA level 2 coach Wayne Whitehouse
Coach   Phil Shail


Team Photo Team Sponsor
Allens Taxis
Niall Barker 2 Louis Guest 5 Connor Shail 1
Manny Hay 35 Jim Hems 19 Martin Stead (GK)  
Rhys Deehan 9 Kyran Johal 2 Bailey Bell 3
Sam Faulconbridge 6 Matthew Wrighting 6 Jamie Tiff 1
Daniel Whitehouse 4 Nic Evangelinos 22    

Fixtures / Results

Comp/Ref Date Opposition H/A Scorers Result
BNC 21/9/08 Coventrians blue H Hay 3, Hems 2, Deehan 2, Evangelinos 2 W9-0
League 28/9/08 Coventrians A Hems 2, Hay 2 W4-1
League 5/10/08 Caludon Youth H Johal, Barker, Faulconbridge, Guest, Evangelinos W5-0
League 12/10/08 Christ the King H Evangelinos, Wrighting L2-4
BNC Rd2 19/10/08 Coventrians H Evangelinos 3, Hems, Hay, Whitehouse, Bell, Shail W8-1
League 2/11/08 No game      
League 9/11/08 Leamington Hibs H Evangelinos, Tennant 2-2
League 26/11/08 Alpha Tachbrook H Hay 2, Evangelinos W3-1
Lg cup rd2/ B.Ahern 30/11/08 Cov Copeswood H Hay 3, Evangelinos W4-0
League 14/12/08 Alpha Tachbrook A Hay L2-1
BNC 1/4 Final 21/12/08 Dunlop H Evangelinos, Hay, Guest, Faulconbridge W4-1
League 11/1/09 Christ the King A Hay 3, Whitehouse W1-4
League 1/2/09 Leamington Hibs A Hems L2-1
BNC Semi Final 5/2/09 Athletic UTD A Evangelinos 3, Hems 2 W2-5
League B.Smith 22/2/09 Dunlop Juniors H Faulconbridge W1-0
League 27/2/09 Nuneaton Griff H Evangelinos, Deehan, Hay,Wrighting W4-1
Lg cup Rd3 1/3/09 Athletic UTD A Hay 2, Evangelinos, Hems W2-4
League 8/3/09 Balsall & Berkswell H Hay 2, Wrighting, Tiff, Hems, OG W6-2
League 17/3/09 Woodloes H Hay, Whitehouse, Johal 3-3
League P.Hart 22/3/09 Alveston H Evangelinos 2, Hay, Faulconbridge, Guest, Bell W6-0
BNC Final 27/3/09 Attleborough   Hay 3, Deehan, Hems, Guest W6-1
League B.Sharp 29/3/09 Cov Copeswood A Wrighting 3, Hems, Whitehouse W5-0
Lg cup QF Y.Moore 1/4/09 Christ the King H Evangelinos, Hay L2-3
League 19/4/09 Woodloes A Hay 2, Hems 2, Deehan W3-5
League 22/4/09 MW Coventrians H Hay 3, Deehan 3, Guest, Hems W8-2
League 28/4/09 Balsall & Berkswell A Hems 2, Faulconbridge 2, Hay, Evangelinos W2-6
League 29/4/09 MW Dunlop A    
League 6/5/09 MW Cov Copeswood H Hems 2, Hay 2, Evangelinos W5-1
League 13/5/09 MW Caludon Youth A   L1-0
League 17/5/09 Dunlop A Bell, Deehan, Barker, Evangelinos W2-4